this is a short story about Rob, a graphic designer with creative dreams. Currently living in Worthing, enjoying the sunny south coast but that wasn't always the case…


...prior to this, Rob worked in London tracking down a career in publishing. After a glorious stint working at Redwood on Land Rover’s Onelife Magazine, and a lot of personal publications,

he eventually moved down to Brighton in search of something else. With this in mind he expanded his portfolio to include front-end dev and motion graphics


One day he realised that all he really wants to do is make nice things for nice people. If you think you can help Rob on his next chapter, or want to find out more please let him know on the usual social channels or go retro and use the phone.

To see some of Robs work download a sample pack* or scroll down.

*please open work samples in acrobat for full functionality

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After years in the big city I realised that I didn’t just want to work, I wanted to create nice things for nice people. How can I expect people to be nice to each other if they are bombarded by ugly things. In a industry driven by results, data and money, creative has taken a back seat. To me this just isn't acceptable. I create things that I believe my clients want and like. Below are examples of recent work that I feel make the world and internet a nicer place to be.