Sinister Fuchsia Evo

So here at Modifly we have a big big thing for pink aka magenta or in this case aka fuchsia. Wraps are a game changer, they allow people to have the most insane colours without having to have a full strip down respray. Read More...

Mesmerizing 350z

The 350z is a strange old car, when it was launched back in 2002 I wasn’t a fan,
I didn’t like where they were going with the curvy body Read More...

"If it ain't old-school ain't worth it"

Our first feature of the year and we are starting strong with Elias's Mk1 Golf. I spotted his Golf as I scrolled through instagram, a now favourite hunting ground of mine. I scrolled, I saw, I stopped and then I messaged. Read More...



We make a whole bunch of random things, but what we are really about is graphics. We make stickers. We make custom stickers. And we love it. If your interested in a current or new design, just get in contact and we'll help you out.

Check out the insta page (highlights below) for an idea of what we get upto @modiflydesigns