Adams Audi

Adams Audi

Ive been trying to think how to introduce this ride, then it occurred to me is that a ride like this has always been unattainable to me. When I was younger it […]

MINIs on the Rec, 2017

So a week or so back I made it to Minis on the Rec a local show to me in Shoreham. I didn’t think I’d get there this year but […]

Joshs bagged Twingo

Show stopping Twingo

I’m not sure how to start with this car, for starters its a Twingo, I’ve never considered a Twingo a modder’s car, in fact I’ve never really considered the Twingo […]

bagged 540

Bagged 540

So a while back we did a mini feature on Chris Wilke’s Static E39 BMW, and as I was reading the comments I saw Marks had commented with a pic of his […]

timeoutvisions mx5

Tongue flapping MX5

Aha the mx5, little did I know when I first saw them about in my late teens that they would become the drifters dream they are now. They were just […]

Wide body Leon Cupra R

Mean looking mk1 Leon Cupra R

I was having a look through instagram this morning and came across @20vturbs front end Friday pic and I had to pause a beat to take it all in. I’ve […]

Bagged mk1 focus RS

Bagged mk1 Focus RS

I figured after Classic Ford it would be interesting to feature a mk1 Focus RS, seeing as this is now seen as a classic Ford by Kelsey Media. The mk1 […]

Classic Ford 2017

Classic Ford 2017

In the grand scheme of things I’m fairly new to the car show thing, but I am discovering that there are a lot of them about, and depending how far […]

Max Power Nova

Max Power Nova

So this little feature is interesting for a few reasons, first it’s a Nova, precursor to the hated Corsa. Some find it odd that I love the Nova so much […]

mk2 Breadvan

Stunning Bread Van

So here’s a little retro beauty for your viewing pleasure. I saw this pop up on a few instagram feeds, and the more I saw it the more I thought, […]