Mondy Madness

When I first met Ben he was the proud owner of a driveway built zombie apocalyptic mk3 Fiesta called Tango. Personally the zombie thing has never been something I’ve been into but I have a lot of love for a mk3 and seeing how much work Ben put into his and the transformation it took really got my attention. Since then he’s had a few motors, all Fords of course but he seems to have settled on this rather loud Mondeo. Now a Ford Mondeo has never been high on my cool car list, I would never own one and I doubt very much that Ben really thought he would either, but then I might be wrong because its not his first. This one didn’t always look this way, it started life with Ben as a standard 2ltr silver mk2, sitting on some of those fake cossy rims. (I say that because the amount of adverts I see for cossy wheels that are actually these wheels is insane, I am fully aware they are not fake cossy wheels).

He’s done a lot to his Mondy in the 5 months he’s owned it and I’ll admit it won’t be to every ones taste, but we all know, its not about any ones taste but your own. Hes added some of colour to the bay with colour coded plastics and rocker, he’s installed uprated leads and coil with some super 4 plugs. To help it breathe he’s got a mushroom filter up front, centre box delete and a Powerflow stainless twin exit exhaust. It’s 30mm down at the front but someone stole part of his rear setup (long story) so its still sitting pretty high at the back, but you don’t really notice because there a C-West adjustable rear spoiler sat on the boot which I absolutely love, almost enough to buy a saloon, but not quite… Tinted rear lights and morretes at the front help to distract from the travelling salesman look, carbon wrapped arches add a bit of flare and its currently sitting on some St200 17”s but I’ve seen a few different sets on it in its time.

This car is a daily, but its a track built daily, the interior has been stripped out with Corbeau Forza bucket seats, TRS 4 point harnesses on a custom built harness bar and the standard I’ll filled my car with stuff look thats Ben’s a big fan of!

Finally tho there are the tiger stripes, maybe its just something from my era but I have a soft spot for tiger strips, on almost any car they look rad and green and white on a silver mondeo, shouldn’t work but kinda does, that could be helped with ASBO Autos graphics and race number or the oversized Maxton designs Focus ST225 front splitter which I personally I prefer on here anyway. I think that basically covers it for now, but Ben’s got plans for his car, Focus ST225 callipers on 320mm discs, rear disc conversion, rollcage, alloy rad and a few other bits, which he’ll need when he throws a T3 turbo on there…

Looking forward to watching his progress, cheers Ben and keep us informed!

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