Sinister Fuchsia Evo

So here at Modifly we have a big big thing for pink aka magenta or in this case aka fuchsia. Wraps are a game changer, they allow people to have the most insane colours without having to have a full strip down respray. You can cover all sort of bodywork, you can do it quickly, and you can change it whenever you can be bothered. Another thing that has made a big difference to the uk scene is the growth in Japanese cars. Maybe I just hadn’t noticed before but in the 90’s I don’t remember seeing any Japanese cars rolling round the multistories. So when I started looking for another car to give some props to, I saw Victoria’s sinister fuchsia Evo and had to give her a shout to find out a little more.

So where do you start, first we’er looking at a 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution GSR wrapped in a jaw dropping 3M fiercely fuchsia wrap, if the wrap wasn’t nice enough the custom chameleon paisley candy skulls which Victoria added herself are a nice touch, I love how they bleed into the chameleon headlights.

Victoria is serious, shes raced auto cross with SCCA in Hawaii and shes planning to race again in Colorado next season. So she knows what shes doing, which helped when she installed the Stage 2 ACT 6 puck spring loaded racing clutch, ETS intake and HKS Super Sequential BOV and of course all the routine maintenance that a car like this requires.

Big props to Victoria for her beast of an Evo, its a s stunner.

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