Mesmerizing 350z

The 350z is a strange old car, when it was launched back in 2002 I wasn’t a fan, I didn’t like where they were going with the curvy body but I should have known that Nissan are always ahead of their time. It wasn’t a GTR, it wasn’t boxy, it kind of felt like when Ford went from the mk3 fiesta to the terrible mk4 or the Ka. 15 years on and I’m now a fan. I’ll always be a 80s hot hatch fan, but sometimes I think wouldn’t it be nice to have a modern (relatively speaking) car, and if I had one what would I get? Well when ‘Need for Speed Underground’ came out I got my first (and only) 350. I styled it much how I’d have it now; stealthy, low, nice wheels and neons. (check out my insta here)

Anyway moving on, I was back on Instagram searching for my next inspirational picture and I came across Danni‘s beautiful 350z. It wasn’t the first time I’d notice it but this time I thought, oh, that’s a bit nice. I was always a bit against wraps, in some weird way I felt it was cheating. I guess when you have an old rusty car, your probably wrapping it to hide all the dodgy repairs, but when you have a car like this then wrapping opens the door to all sorts of colour ways that just arn’t possible in paint, or are far to expensive. Danni‘s 350z is wrapped in a custom gloss ocean shimmer by Monsterwraps and it does have a mesmerizing shimmer.

Something else that stood out for me is that this isn’t a rocket bunny, camber crew 350 which you see so much of, this has had a relatively small selection of modifications that work perfectly together. At the back you have a nice roof top spoiler and Blitz boot spoiler, which balances out the G.R.A.M.S rear diffuser with Nismo V1 spats, which I gotta admit, I absolutely love. Up at the front there is a Aero kit bumper and its all tied together with a set of Tarmac sportz side skirts.

Choosing the right wheels to drop your 350 on is a tough choice, there are so many options out there but I think that the 19″ Rotiforms SPFs sit perfectly in those arches, helped massively by the V2 digital airlift setup fitted by Danni’s other half, who happens to have quite a nice motor too (@bagged_hawk). As with all modified cars you can’t miss the little touches and the tinted lights up front and back help to make that wrap shimmer. Other than the standard upgraded air intake and exhaust, now running a Cobra non resonated system with JWT pop charger not much else has been done, but then with a Nissan, they get most of it right first time so not much needs doing.

This car has a lovely calming presence to me, I imagine its lovely to drive, and even better to find a nice spot to park up and chill in. Thanks Danni for the info and the lovely 350.

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