If it ain’t old-school ain’t worth it

Our first feature of the year and we are starting strong with Elias‘s Mk1 Golf. I spotted his Golf as I scrolled through instagram, a now favourite hunting ground of mine. I scrolled, I saw, I stopped and then I messaged. First thing that jumped out at me was Elias’s tagline on his profile, ‘If it ain’t old-school ain’t worth it’ and then the louvers, you gotta love louvers. Dont get me wrong loads of modern cars can suit louvers, but suiting and looking fly is very different, and this Golf looks fly.

At this time in the modifying scene there are a lots of popular styling choices people tend to fall into; stock, racecar, drift, Jdm inspired, stanced, stealth and of course over the top. There are good reason for all of these choices. However most people from my experience don’t want to just fit into those predefined styles, they want to put their stamp on it and they don’t really give a shit about the online assault that every car seems to be subjected too nowadays. Maybe things have gone full cycle and the individuality of Max Power is coming back. This mk1 sits on the outskirts, it has a bit of everything yet still completely unique, it was built to be different by Elias and his dad, it sole purpose to put a smile on your face when you drive or are driven by it.

With a semi space framed and shaved bay housing a 2.0l 16v 9A lump, with ABF camshafts, ported head and GSXR throttle bodies I would guess it pushing north of 180bhp, with an insane power to weight ratio it must go like the a rocket. Dropped on the obligatory BC coilovers, it sits nice and low on some unmarked but very familiar rims. When piloting a 80s rocket safety is always a slight concern so the addition of a half cage and some buckets was a wise choice. A 280mm big brake transplant from a G60 and running a pearls box (so no servo required) helps it stop sharply. Stiffening up the front end it has some polybushed wishbones and upper and lower strut braces.

The exterior styling is what makes this Golf something a bit more special to me. All the exterior mods are period correct, some are really hard to get hold of, like the front quarter windows and the trail blazer that not even google knew what it was. It shares a couple styling points with my XR2, rear louvre, bonnet pins, bonnet raisers, and a slightly ratty look, but that’s where the comparisons end, after that the Golf is in a world of its own with a BBS front bumper and lower rear spoiler, which blends into the fully stealthy rear end, upswept exhaust and the Heckle Blend Trail Blazer, which for those of you like me who have no idea what that is, it’s the nice, rare part that fits between the rear lights and finishes off the rear end beautifully.

With Zender side skirts linking the lovely golf arches with the front and rear bumpers. But we can’t overlook the small touches, tinted headlights, mesh grill, oval repeaters, splitter winglets, tinted rear lights, single wiper conversion (always a winner) and even the repositioned front and rear plates all add to the don’t fuck with me look to this used daily mighty fine MK1. Thank you @dubberelias for giving us the run down.

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