Burgess Hill Barn Meet.

We wanted to try and throw a Winter meet. If we could keep hosting meets throughout winter then come next season we will be a force to be reckoned with.

Our ingredient for a good meet were; good weather, nice cars, suitable location and good people. Through a friend of ModiFLY we found a working barn we could use, so then we set up a facebook group and started to invite people we’ve met on our journey and thought would be up for it. We chose a date and prayed the weather would hold up.

Not much else happened for a while, but as we got closer to the date a mix of panic, anxiety and calm kicked in.

At one point we thought we might have seventeen cars turning up, we had to over invite due to expected drop off but at this point panic was setting in. The barn was great but knowing what we know now, seventeen cars would have been a disaster. By the Friday before the meet we knew the weather was on our side and we were down to eleven cars so calm was the general emotion. Next day we had a couple drop out and another the next morning but it was time to go, so we had to hope for the best.

It was cold but the sun was definitely on its way up, Ray and Connor were set up in the ‘work in progress’ area, we met a couple more on route to the meeting point. Aiming for 10am, we were annoyingly 5 minuets late, but when we got there we saw our final four motors. This gave us a grand total of nine cars, but what a selection.

This meant we had way more space to work with, being that the barn could not of housed nearly as many as we had planned this was a blessing. We had a range of cars, from 80s hatchback to wide body BMW, with some JDM thrown in. We had a couple people with cameras, some food and just enough people to ensure some good milling about.

Five key lessons learnt; First, if you have frost in the morning, that will turn to indoor rain in a barn when the sun comes up, not something we would have planned for until it happened. Lesson two its dam cold in November, next time we need to address the warmth issue, standing around for four plus hours in the cold takes its toll on you. Lesson three even guarantee attendants can’t always make it. Lesson four if your new to this sort of thing, make sure you have people who aren’t with you, it could have been chaos. Lesson five don’t make assumptions.

The initial plan was to have a mini show, with ten to twelve cars in the barn with any extras outside. Then we would mill about, chat, eat, take some nice photos and a bit of videos. We really hadn’t thought this through.

We invited Em from Vemply Photography along as she’s a great photographer, a friend, been part of the car scene before ModiFLY owned an XR2 and happens to own a stunning Supra. Another benefit of having Em along is when we had our first wave of drop offs, she invited Ash & Beckie along. Ash happens to own a amazing wide boy BMW.

Making up the other half of our final four were Daniel and Chloe with his rough and ready R5 and her stunning volcanic flare (I’d say bronze flip), carbon detailed Audi TT.

Along with Em we invited Jordan from Filthy along, Jordan had done some great work with Ad’s Audi at our last meet so I was keen to see what he could do at our barn.

By eleven we had our nine cars at the barn, all organisation had gone out the door, and with the addition of our barn raining we were getting a little panicky. Everyone seemed happy and I think it was only me who was overwhelmed. I figured start the food going as a distraction while we planned the next move. No one was really biting but once I had a burger, I started to take control again.

The next few hours sailed past, constantly moving cars about, ensuring everyone got their time in the limelight. As the barn couldn’t house all the cars we had. We couldn’t do what we had originally planned, it was far colder than expected, we didn’t have the space or the turn out needed to make a show, but we did have a location, nine cars and a bunch of great people who were there just for the fun of it. So we went down the photoshoot route, moving cars into or out of the barn to get some shoots on some real industrial grounds. Jordan took a trip in the boot of a car filming some rolling footage which we can’t wait to see. Around 2ish we collected our votes for the Best of Barn prize. It didn’t take long, the results were close but Daniels R5 took the prize by one vote. By 3pm it was time to wrap it up, we had got the shoots we wanted, the sun was still shinning but the temperature was dropping and soon to really plummet. With some hand shakes, hugs and more thank yours, everyone slowly started to make there way home. We returned things back to normal at the barn and headed home for a evening of de-thawing and contemplation.

In summary, we see the event as a success, it could have gone horribly wrong, but even if it had, with the crowd we had there, we’re confident that none of them would have held it against us. ModiFLY has attracted a great crowd of people, in a subculture with so many scenes its great to be able to pull people together from all of the scene’s. We don’t care what your into, as long as your not a twat then your welcome.

A massive thank you and shout out to:
Ray and Connor for the barn and all their pre meet work
Jake for being Jake but also being 100% dependable and always smiling.
Em and Jordan for their work behind the lense.
Em for her help, support, knowledge and inviting Ash.
Daniel & Chloe for coming so far, bringing their cars and supplying the potato salad.
Ash & Beckie for coming out and bringing the BMW.
Christian (sadly couldn’t make it) for his advice and support along the way.

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