Bagged mk1 focus RS

Bagged mk1 Focus RS

Bagged mk1 focus RS

I figured after Classic Ford it would be interesting to feature a mk1 Focus RS, seeing as this is now seen as a classic Ford by Kelsey Media. The mk1 Focus is defiantly an amazing car, the RS is stunning but classic, sorry not in my book.

So Adam’s mk1 is a one of a kind, world first, and I would assume he probably get a fair bit of abuse (& love) for it. Keyboard warriors love to judge, and I can hear them now, why would you bag an RS, mate you’ve ruined it, it was a performance car, blah blah blah, but when I saw it I thought, yes mate, its about time someone decked a RS. I set up ModiFLY because I love impractical cars, I love that people take any cars and do what they feel makes it better, weather it really does or not. So what if you make a car a bit hard to get over speed bumps, or you can’t see shit out your rear window, as long as you can drive it, your probably gonna be more careful than average jo in their micro hooning it down residential streets bouncing over the bumps.

Bagged mk1 focus RS

Anyway I digress, back to it, I asked Adam for a list of mods and some pics of his RS. I did not expect to get the list I got, the man has done some serious modified to this car and it shows, so Ill start on the obvious, its bagged, running Airlift struts and bags at the front, bags at the back with KW rear struts and a 3h management system, sitting on some Candy Red compomotive MO6 which look amazing, wrapped in some Michelin pilot super sports. They hide (not very well) some epic AP Racing 362mm six pots calipers, 2 piece front discs at the front and standard calipers smoothed at the rear again with custom 2 piece rear discs, all callipers and bell housings painted imperial blue. The front bumpers been smoothed with some nice carbon fibre additions, front splitter, front grill, fog surrounds and fins, add that to the fez turbo vents, tinted lights, carbon wing mirrors covers, and this front end looks menacing. One of the ways I judge a car is how would it look in my rear view, and this would look intimidating, which is good. Then there so much you won’t see in your rear view, the cars been delocked, has carbon fibre window triangles, door trims, door handles, door pillars and fuel cap, the rear bumper valance has been painted black and none of the lights have been left alone, all tinted or US spec, I hope that covers the exterior because the list of the interior and engine mods is even longer.

Now I grew up in the Max Power era and this means I am far more concerned about the exterior and ride height than I am the interior and engine, if it looks rad then I’m happy, but obviously I’m not on the same level as Adam. I will try and cover everything but I’m going to try and summaries a bit, partly because this is becoming more than a little read, but also I will end up sounding like a parts list and that doesn’t do the car justice, its way more than a huge spec sheet, its a RS work of art and when I feature something its because when I see it I just want to talk about it, I want my excitement about it to be obvious, and you don’t get that with a list, anyway onto the interior, and this one is full of flock, carbon fibre and red & black leather. The door cards, rear shelve, the mk2 RS rear bench and mk2 RS recaros all re trimmed in red & black with diamond stitching. Custom alcantara flat bottomed and carbon fibre steering wheel which look great against the black flocked dash. Onto the flocking which I can’t wait to do to my XR many years from now, Adam has flocked his dash, centre console, sun visors, door trims, boot trims, and all pillars, but I’m surprised to see he’s only painted his grab handles black, but flock probably wouldn’t last to long on them. He’s got some carbon goodies in there too, gear surround, switch surround, and head unit surround. Of course as any serious racer needs there’s a bunch of gauges, a boost gauge, boost controller, PLX DM100 digital gauge, and probably more, but in honesty I’ve never had a car that’s had a gauge so I’m not sure what they all do, but Adams gauges sit in carbon and/or flocked surrounds.

Bagged mk1 focus RS

Now all that air means you need a nice boot build so this RS has a full custom hardlined boot install, incorporating a nice iimperial blue tank, 2 viair 444 compressors and a Airlift controller box thing, all of which was beautiful done by Phil at theinstallcompany. Oh and don’t forget the relocated battery.

As by now you can tell this car has not been done by halves, and the engine and bay are no stranger to a bit of carbon, and a bit of imperial blue. The bays been painted in it, the block is black, the gearbox is powder coated chrome, the rad couling and water pipes are coated anthracite, and its good to see some of that candy red on the boost mount. As the engine had a full rebuild it has been given a full set of Ford bolts and hose clips, a new block, new head, new sump, water pump, header tank, belts and cam cover, which again is nicely candy red. Just an update for you I’m not even half way through the engine mods yet…

This absolute beast after its stage 4 mapping has 400bhp also rocks a whole heap of carbon fibre goodies, including, power steering cover, spark plug cover, cam shaft cover, engine heat shield, turbo heat shield, wing rail covers, fuel rail cover, bonnet stays, header tank cover, brake fluid reservoir, brake fluid cap cover, vin plate, oil cap
and bonnet vent covers. Some of this stuff I don’t even know what it is, but if its there Adams replaced, powder coated it, or rebuilt it, the time and money going into this car is insane. Moving on, to go with all that imperial blue there are some Blue Roose Motorsport water hose’s, a ancillary hose kit, a induction hose kit and a non return value hose kit. A CR turbo billet wheel hybrid, powder coated blue with spun turbo housing, the engine and gearbox mounts are by Vibratechnics. The transmission is made up of a Ford mtx75 gearbox, Kazz gripper LSD and Ap racing organic clutch. Now back to the engine, here’s some important stuff, it has Wiseco forged Pistons, Pec forged rods, Piper camshafts, Dw300 ltr fuel pump, Deka 660 injectors, Itv 27 spark plugs at the end of Magnecor ignition leads, Acl bearings, St170 multi layer head gasket, new valves, stem seals & guides and Arp bolts throughout.

The list goes on with DPC alloy thermostat housing and Nortech tubular manifold zircotec all powder coated black. A BCS 3″ decat, BCS 3″ cat back all powder coated black with a BCS wrc 2.75″ tailpipe sitting at the end. All that black you need some more candy apple so the Focus top mount covers and new ford throttle elbow have been powder coated candy red, then of course its going to have a massive front mount Spec R intercooler with powder coated anthracite pipes, an Airtec radiator in black, forge 008 record and actuator, and to finish it all off nicely a K&N air filter, and lets be honest that all we need to know, K&N till I die…

This car is a beast, its looks amazing, I bet it goes some and sounds great too, I never actually asked how long Adams owned he, I wouldn’t ask how much he’s spent, but I’m glad their are people out there who have the vision, time, money and motivation to create things like this.. Congrats Adam on your amazing ride and thank you for letting me feature it.

Bagged mk1 focus RS

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