If it ain’t old-school ain’t worth it

Our first feature of the year and we are starting strong with Elias‘s Mk1 Golf. I spotted his Golf as I scrolled through instagram, a now favourite hunting ground of […]

Burgess Hill Barn Meet.

Our plan was to try and throw a Winter meet. If we could keep hosting meets throughout winter then come next show season we will be a force to be […]

#OhSoRetro Show

For the past few years September has been a pretty good month, the sunshine seams to lull in August then pick up just a bit for the end of September […]


To hell and back and on a mission…

So the first time I saw this car it was sadly in a plum of smoke on youtube. Shortly after JapFest 2017 this video started showing up on all the […]


The lesser known Ford Figo…

So this is a sad story with a happy ending from Durban, South Africa. Its a bit like the ugly duckling (loosely), its starts with a little lesser known Ford […]


S14a or Kouki (according to wiki)

So I really wanted to get another Nissan on the page, after Daniels stunner back in April it would be hard to beat so I wanted to go for something […]


Never Enough Bass

Before I had my own car my Mum was rad enough to let me install some random 12″ sub in the boot of her 1.1lx fez (which later became my […]


Track Built Daily Civic

Good morning and Happy Monday folks, got a couple things going on this week so hopefully I won’t break anything and we’ll all be happy…. So fair play Sam, this […]